Weather in Italy is normally pleasant in spring and fall with some rain, hot and humid in summer – typically in the high 80’s, and cold and rainy in winter, with snow usually only in the mountains.  Temperatures can vary during the day, but both late Spring tours and early Fall tours enjoy warm temperatures in the high 70’s during the day.  We recommend dressing in layers as the temperature can drop to the mid-50’s at night.  Italy is beautiful year-round, which is why there are millions of tourists visiting all year long!

We offer a variety of specialty tours, some of which may have a mix of both couples and single travelers.  We also offer “Singles Only” tours for different age groups, as well as other signature tours and specialty services such as Vegetarian tours, Girlfriend Getaway – Glamour Tours, and more.  Take a look at our full list of tours and specialty services to find the perfect tour for you, and please feel free to ask us any questions you may have regarding any of our tours!

Our tours are uniquely organised based on the needs, interests, and desires of the different age groups traveling with us.  Our typical traveler is one who enjoys an active lifestyle and apreciates wine, food, art, history, and the Italian culture.  Our clients love to have a great time, are young at heart, and enjoy fun new experiences.  They’re typically between 30 and 60 years of age, but we also have younger as well as older travelers.  Our goal is to deliver an amazing experience of a lifetime to each and every client!